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PX 70 Color Shade pack 1

These are the images from the first pack of PX 70 Color Shade film I got a few months ago. (Impossible Project instant film) They are in the order I took them, as to show the progress. I have to admit I didn’t read anything or watch any of the tutorial videos before the last frame, so I highly recommend doing so if you’re using this film for the first time.

The first shot I knew was going to be overexposed, because the darkslide got jammed and I had to take the cartridge out and the first frame got exposed. I don’t know why this happened…

The second shot is of my parents, ready to work on the farm.

I took some more images, but they still came out overexposed. I didn’t understand why, and I thought maybe I wasn’t shielding them properly.

So I decided to take one last image of an orange tree, and even though the exposure wasn’t right, it was so much better than the other ones. (I adjusted the lighten/darken wheel a bit to the darker setting…)

These two last ones I took a few days later. I learned through this tutorial how I needed to adjust the lighten/darken wheel slightly to the darker setting if I’m using the PX 70 Color Shade film with my SX-70 camera, so I turned it all the way to the darker setting. I finally got the last shot, which I love!

I do have to admit a few things I didn’t like about this film: It only has 8 frames, all those spots and lines across the image, and how finicky it is. But nothing too bad to diminish my love of instant photography.

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