Double exposure  2012

This is why I love analog photography. It is this kind of surprises that make it all worth while. You can probably try and do this in Photoshop, but it won’t be the same, because it won’t be a mistake, and it won’t be unexpected. I love surprises, and this is why I love analog photography.


En una tarde


My mom and I went to visit my grandma and my great aunt the other day. I decided to take my 35mm camera to take a few pictures of them. Instead I ended up using the whole roll of film (36 exposures)… I love these images though, so I guess it was worth it.

All images  2012

Film nostalgia


I really miss shooting film, especially 4×5 and medium format. I never thought I would miss carrying all my equipment, setting up a shot, measuring the light, and waiting a few days until i got my film back from the lab to see how the images came out. Then I would make the contact prints and choose the best ones and print them big. Those were the good old days. It’s strange how things seemed much simpler back then.